Harvesting Happiness: The Farm Fresh Market
October 28, 2020

Harvesting Happiness: The Farm Fresh Market

Now, more than ever, we long for fresh produce from talented local providers. With over 20,000 acres of fruit orchards, rich produce is always ripe for the picking here in Adams County. Thriving as a bountiful region for over a century, the historic South Mountain Fruit Belt is a cornucopia of fresh nourishment. Here, healthy eating is rooted in lush soils, sweet sunshine, and fortifying showers.

At Amblebrook, our focus on well‑being is deep rooted in an environment that has nourished families for centuries. We are dedicated to featuring products from dedicated local providers at our Farm Fresh Market each month. These folks deliver nutrient‑rich produce and freshly picked goodness that are plucked, produced, and plowed in the Pennsylvania heartland.

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