A Recap of Exciting Heart Month Events at Amblebrook
March 5, 2024

A Recap of Exciting Heart Month Events at Amblebrook

Hot on the heels of Vibrant Living Week, Amblebrook’s Heart Month was a celebration focused on promoting happy, healthy hearts throughout the entire month of February. With plenty of activities that catered to both physical and mental well‑being, Amblebrook residents joined in the fun and experienced informative guest presentations, guided fitness classes, and some special community events!

A Month of Heart‑Healthy Events

February was an exciting month packed with events catering to various aspects of heart health. Here’s a look back at the activities Amblebrook residents took part in:

Cardio Kickboxing with Jeannie

Jeannie’s Cardio Kickboxing class proved a dynamic way to kick‑start the morning. This high‑energy workout not only boosted cardiovascular health, but also left attendees with a sense of accomplishment and readiness to tackle the challenges of the day.

Amblebrook residents taking part in a Zumba class with a personal trainer in the yoga room

Healthy Hearts with Dr. Mastoor

The month kicked off with valuable insights into heart health from cardiologist Dr. Momina Mastoor, as she delved into the latest research and trends in heart health, breaking down complex medical concepts into accessible, actionable advice. Her presentation covered a range of topics, from the importance of regular physical activity and heart‑healthy diets to the role of stress management and sleep in maintaining cardiovascular health.


Zumba with Sally

The trainer‑led Zumba session was an invigorating blend of upbeat rhythms and dynamic dance moves, with participants of all skill levels gathering to immerse themselves in the music as they followed Sally’s lead in a series of choreographed steps designed to improve cardiovascular health, enhance coordination, and promote weight loss.


Heart Healthy Cooking with Mansion House

This hands‑on cooking session was designed to not only educate participants on the fundamentals of heart‑healthy cooking but also to inspire them with the joy and satisfaction of creating delicious, nourishing dishes. The experts from Mansion House 1757 shared their tips for selecting the right ingredients to promote cardiovascular health and crafting meals that appeal to both the palate and the heart.


Mind Body Spirit Plant Diet Discussion

The holistic approach to heart health took center stage during a comprehensive discussion on the Mind Body Spirit Plant Diet. This segment of the event provided a deep dive into how a plant‑based diet can significantly enhance heart health, highlighting the interconnectedness of physical wellness, mental clarity, and emotional stability.

Residents learning how to cook heart healthy meals at the Amblebrook club kitchen.

Low‑Impact Aerobics with WellSpan Health

An invigorating aerobics session with WellSpan was held, incorporating chairs for a low‑impact approach suitable for all fitness levels. Fun events like this are just one of the many perks of Amblebrook’s collaboration with WellSpan – residents can also enjoy athletic trainers and physical therapy assistants, mind and body programs, pharmacy services, and more.


Essential 8 with American Heart Association

The Essential 8 event, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, was an interactive session designed to promote heart health awareness and give participants practical tools for incorporating healthy behaviors into their daily life. The event offered attendees a unique opportunity to engage directly with the latest guidelines for maintaining cardiovascular well‑being, making the journey towards improved heart health feel less confusing and more achievable.

Retired people viewing a presentation on the Essential 8 tips for better cardiovascular health.

What’s New in Cardiovascular Technology

Participants stayed informed about the latest cutting‑edge advancements in cardiovascular technology with this informative event that combined education and innovation in a laid‑back, approachable context. This event not only highlighted the rapid progress being made in the field but also gave attendees a glimpse into the future of heart care, emphasizing the role of technology in driving advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.


The SOUPer Bowl

In addition to the slate of scheduled activities, there was a special event that added an extra touch of festivity and community spirit to Heart Month: the SOUPer Bowl! Residents gathered at the Rock Creek Clubhouse, showcasing their culinary skills by bringing and sharing their favorite heart‑healthy soups. The clubhouse buzzed with the excitement of a friendly contest, as participants tasted a variety of soups, swapped recipes, and enjoyed good company.

SOUPer Bowl party at Amblebrook, featuring residents dressed in NFL jerseys and sharing homemade soups.

Stay in the Know

At Amblebrook, vibrant living takes center stage – whether it’s a month‑long celebration of heart health or one of our countless other events, luxurious amenities, or opportunities for enrichment, there’s something for everyone at Gettysburg’s premier active adult community.

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