Our latest news and happenings
June 18, 2020

The Boulevard Welcome Center

At the Boulevard Welcome Center, you’ll find The Heartland Market & Café, where you can choose from a list of craft coffee, tea, and other beverages along with light snacks. All of this is served up by a team from The Ragged Edge Coffee House, hailing from downtown Gettysburg. Specialty items from local vendors such as Hollabaugh Brothers will be available for sale, allowing you to experience the rich Pennsylvania harvests and tastes of Gettysburg. Those new to the area will find opportunities to learn more about the surrounding area and the Amblebrook lifestyle.

June 15, 2020

Welcome The Shevchiks, Amblebrook’s First Homeowners

As warmer weather settles in, Amblebrook is abounding with beautiful first sights: the spectacular entrance monument, a picturesque streetscape—and our first homeowners, Bob and Stephanie Shevchik! They are the start of a wonderful community of people who will make Amblebrook an incredible place to live.